voices-quoteThe topic of food and cancer is uncommon. In the U.S., healthful food choices may not appear on the agenda of a national brain cancer conference — or served with its breakfast, lunch or dinner. But a growing group of scientists, nutritionists and cancer survivors are making headway in understanding how a good diet can stave off cancer growth. You can find these directives from many books and websites. I call them the foundation: most vegetables and fruits and certain fish, meats and fats are generally good, and most sugar and carbs are generally bad.

“Generally.” Dig down a level and things get complicated. First, no two minds agree on everything. A food encouraged by one researcher is discouraged by another — and each cites data to support his or her claim. If you avoid everything in question, you’ll dramatically limit your eating habits. They may end up bland, even boring — and this causes other issues, like satisfaction and happiness. Second, brain cancer is relatively rare, and usually unmentioned alongside more common cancers and their nutrition ideas. With this specific illness, patients must decide many choices themselves.

Personally, I always seek to balance recommended food choices with my own desires and intuitions. Along with positive emotions and strong reasons for living, I sincerely hope these pursuits help me reach the ultimate goal of long-term remission. For more on this attitude, check out Kelly Turner’s book, cited below.

Brain Cancer Survivors

Books and websites by and about brain cancer patients who have achieved long-term remission using nutrition alongside other efforts.

Food and Cancer Books

Books about what to eat — or not eat — if you are fighting a cancer or striving to avoid it. Some are primarily cookbooks,  and some are primarily science. Jeanne Wallace is the only “nutritional oncologist” on the list to focus on brain cancer, and her book is actually a PDF and available to paid members only. I’ve signed up.

Food and Cancer Websites

Similar to books but more frequently updated. Quite a few are contemporary cancer studies with negligible focus (or training, or expertise) on the impact of diet and nutrition.

Evolution of Nutrition

Books and websites about the evolution of food over the past decade after half a century and more of harmful industrialization. We have a long way to go.

Healthy Food Blogs

The internet has thousands upon thousands of blogs offering interesting, healthy and tasty cooking ideas. Here are some I’ve explored recently. Thanks, fellow cooks.

More Interesting Books