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Question: Soy (Yes or No?)

MD Anderson credits its protein and fiber. Mayo Clinic recommends its service to brain function. Yet plenty of nutritionists have concerns. As my friend said, “So true about soy. One day it’s ‘miracle food’ and the next it’s ‘too much will kill you.’”

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Question: Hello, Sourdough

It’s very hard to live without bread. Must I? No.

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Question: Paleo and Plants

One of the key questions targeting cancer battlers is the design of Paleo diets.

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Question: Pasta

Most Questions on Cooking Patient have no answers. In the interest of health, world debaters either bray or ignore one another about how to eat things, how much to eat of them or whether to eat them at all.

Take a food as simple, foundational and gratifying to my entire life as Italian pasta.

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