As of 2015, my local Rite Aid pharmacy is one of 4,600 in 31 states, making it the third-largest drugstore chain in the country. The company’s core message:

“At Rite Aid, we provide you with the support, products, pharmacy services, and the wellness+ with Plenti savings opportunities you need to keep your whole family healthy. With us, it’s personal.”

In addition to a well-managed pharmacy the store stocks aisles about beauty, personal care, diets and fitness, vitamins and supplements and sexual health. It reminds you to take immunizations in season and has introduced several corporate-driven rewards programs to keep prices reasonable.

And while there is no mention on its web site,, my local Rite Aid pharmacy also offers me and neighborhood children and adults tons and tons of health terror: candy, booze, soda and cheap beer, as well as some of the worst food-processed junk available in the Western world. These hidden poisons may be necessary to enable Rite Aid to turn a profit, but they silently and counter-productively work against humans seeking health and well-being. Sorry to say it, Rite Aid, but it’s downright Ugly.