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Spicy Pork and Tofu

Here’s another adaptation from my favorite (and classic) Chinese book from Craig Claiborne and Virginia Lee. I add tofu to my diet less frequently these days, blamed to some (and only some) health arguments, but include it here as a bland flavor turned assertive and memorable.

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Stuffed Bell Peppers

Our dear friend C manned the kitchen during a visit last week with one healthful idea after the next, including veggie extracts, mushroom sups, and simple yet infectious meals. This is how she delivered baked stuffed peppers just as the next episode of Homeland was about to start.

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Thai Cobb Salad

Though I’ve been eating out more often for a few weeks, I especially want to share from a nearby neighborhood this tasteful salad that I now experiment at home.

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Eggs, Spinach and Tomato Frittata

So, frittata or quiche? What’s the difference? I’m proud of this frittata I invented here, full of eggs, veggies and gruyere cheese at any time of the day, and especially breakfast.

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Butternut Squash Soup

This is a simple soup perfect for the fall season, which should launch in Southern California any day now.

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Catfish and Brussel Sprouts

We must have fish for dinner the days we do our shopping so they’re as fresh as possible. Catfish must be imagined as the lowly bottom dweller, but the truth today is different. Add some stewed Brussel sprouts and crank up the stereo with Allen Toussaint…

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Chopped Clams and Pasta

I have been loving this my adult life as a quick and simple Italian favorite. These days I bless it now with two small tweaks.

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Lamb Shawarma

My dear friend, who recently visited for several glorious days, seemed to especially enjoy this meal we might have ordered at an Arabic joint in the Middle East. Then I remembered her ancestors…

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Question: Soy (Yes or No?)

MD Anderson credits its protein and fiber. Mayo Clinic recommends its service to brain function. Yet plenty of nutritionists have concerns. As my friend said, “So true about soy. One day it’s ‘miracle food’ and the next it’s ‘too much will kill you.’”

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Cod in Mediterranean Broth

Once again I choose wild-caught Alaskan cod — and I am hooked.

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Pork Tenderloin with Zucchini and Potatoes

Another meal of lean pork tenderloin, this time with a simple mustard sauce and an unusual but complementary side of zucchini. But it needed one more item… so I added potatoes. Why purple?

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Black Bean Soup with Roasted Poblano Chiles

Beans. Yet another staple food that raises opinions from both sides. I had to research a little.

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Kung Pao Chicken Today

It’s been a staple in my menu for 30 years, discovered in 1972’s The Chinese Cookbook by Craig Claiborne and Virginia Lee. It’s my doorway into China.

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Banana Strawberry Smoothie

A great way to start the day.

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Cilantro-Chipotle Tilapia / Mexican Pineapple Salad

I’d never seen it as a kid. Now it is one of the most common fish in the U.S., after salmon, tuna and shrimp — and has several nutritious qualities credited to it.

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Question: Hello, Sourdough

It’s very hard to live without bread. Must I? No.

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Grilled Mission Figs

Mid-to-late summer is the short time of season when Grilled Mission Figs are here. So different, so tasty, they can start or close every meal. But I can’t wait for close.

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Cod, Fennel, Chorizo

Cod. It’s been called The Fish that Changed the World and lauded by the Smithsonian. And it has been nearly extinct for two decades, so it’s been said. But I wanted a fish-soup dinner with my family.

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Chicken with Raisins and Pine Nuts

This is a dish based on a Spanish tapas, with twists. It gets wonderful, colorful support from a vegetable like simply prepared broccolini.

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Question: Paleo and Plants

One of the key questions targeting cancer battlers is the design of Paleo diets.

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Vietnamese-Style Steak Salad

Sometimes a Cooking Patient is a vegetarian, and sometimes he or she is not. I have beloved many meatless meals, but this is not one of them. Its spirit is Vietnam.
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Question: Pasta

Most Questions on Cooking Patient have no answers. In the interest of health, world debaters either bray or ignore one another about how to eat things, how much to eat of them or whether to eat them at all.

Take a food as simple, foundational and gratifying to my entire life as Italian pasta.

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Thai Chicken Coconut Soup

Someday I will cover-to-cover read Jennifer Brennan’s 1981 classic The Original Thai Cookbook, the first complete, authentic Thai cookbook published in America. I will visit the Thai grocery store on Melrose Ave. on the edge of Hollywood until I have in hand every single thing in the book.

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Rite Aid: Good, Bad, Ugly?

As of 2015, my local Rite Aid pharmacy is one of 4,600 in 31 states, making it the third-largest drugstore chain in the country. The company’s core message:

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Creamy Spinach Chickpea Soup

A simple, all-veggie yummie for lunch, courtesy of the February, 2015 issue of Sunset magazine. I’ve replaced canola oil with coconut oil.

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